03 February 2011 0:00 MYT

Scania R 500 B-double is Malaysia’s Longest Truck

Pengangkutan Aliran Teraju Sdn Bhd – a transporter for Malaysia’s national oil company Petronas – recently put a Scania R 500 LA 6x2 MNA on the road with a 25.0m combination length B-double on the road, making it Malaysia’s longest truck.

Although only just officially launched, the truck has been conducting trial runs and regular service hauling cylinder gas tanks between the Petronas’ gas hub in Melaka and the local distribution depot in Kajang since earlier 2010.

The truck operates on a fixed route using mostly expressway routes, and operates up to 4 trips a day.

“Its all about maximizing efficiency and productivity,” says Mr Chan Kong Art, Truck Sales Manager for Scania ( Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.  “With excellent pulling performance and fuel consumption from the Scania V8 engine, our aim with this truck concept is to work to add value for with customers carrying high-value goods, with the added promise of safety and reliability, he adds.

The Scania R 500 B-double trucks promises all that – as well as boosting productivity and lowering our customers’ cost per unit cargo per kilometer travelled,” he adds.

Currently, there are three B-double trucks operational in Malaysia – all powered by the Scania R 500 prime mover with the legendary Scania V8 engine; the other two vehicles with a total combination length of 18.0m hauling Jet A1 fuel were put on the road in 2008 and 2009.